Elina Lajunen is a Finnish artist. She is a performer, a director, a hatmaker, a writer and a musician. She studied music in the High school of Kaustinen and music schools of Jyväskylä and Kokkola. Her instrument is the violin. In 2004 she graduated from Turku Arts Academy as a puppeteer and in 2008 she graduated from The International Theatre School Jacques Lecoq in Paris.

She has directed performances of The Happiest Man on the Earth (2005) for Helsinki Alppisali, Little Red Riding Hood (2006) and Snow White (2010) for The Dance Theatre Hurjaruuth and The Wooden Boy for The Outdoor Museum of Seurasaari (2006). She also directed the visual concert Ipanabarokki (2005) for the Baroque music band Le Fiabe and The Limits of Tango for Johanna Juhola Reaktori (2011).

She has been working with visual arts and has created two installations, The Cirkus Kokko (2008) and The Iceberg (2009) for the Children Art festival Hippalot in Hämeenlinna. With  a group of young artists from different arts fields she has created two experimental visual concerts, Nainen joka harjoitteli Luolassa (2006) and Ma-te-ma-tiik-kaa hi-tau-des-ta (2010). Since 2010, she has also been working as a hatmaker. During August 2012, Elina sold her hats in Lasipalatsi Design Market in Helsinki.

As a performer, she has been working in Turku TEHDAS Teatteri and in The Wintercircus Light in The Dance Theatre Hurjaruuth. In 2009, she created a solo performance called Fly! You are an angel for heaven’s sake. In August 2012, Elina acted in the film Do Something Beautiful in Oslo. The film is directed by Johanna Raita and it will be released in 2013. At the moment Elina is working as an actor with the music theatre Duo Lajunen y Castrillón. She is also working with performances Klaustrofunktionalismi, Seven men and Alastalon salissa, also to be released in 2013.