I started to dance tango in Paris 2008 whilst studying in the International School of Theatre Jacques Lecoq. At school, we produced a performance based on tango. We attended tango lessons and interviewed people. At one milonga (tango ball) I met an American lady who had travelled all over the world with her work as a journalist. She told me that she always has tango shoes with her on those travels, because you can go to dance tango anywhere. I was impressed and inspired to follow her example one day.

I had already danced many couple dances, but when I found tango, I felt that I had truly found my dance. With tango, I can breathe and I can simply be. I can express my entire feelings trough dancing tango. My musical instrument is the violin, and there are moments when I am  dancing tango, that I have the feeling of playing the violin.

Tango has been my hobby but lately it has started to be also part of my work. In 2011, I directed the Limits of Tango concert for Johanna Juhola Reaktori. It was a visual concert with modern tango music and a combination of break dance and rap music. In year 2010 I took also part of Argentinian film director Garbiela Aparici's documentary film called Tango Suomi.

I have also performed on a few occasions as a tango dancer and I am interested in combining tango with my theatre work. In Seinäjoki Cumbre Mundial del Tango festival there was a tangodancer called René Rodríguez from Argentina who didn’t have a partner. The organizer of the festival requested a partner for him, so I took the chance and agreed to be his partner. It was so fun! We met in the milonga, practised for one day, chose music and our dress, and in the evening we were on stage. President Tarja Halonen attended that concert, so she has seen me dancing tango. Such are the great surprises and opportunities of life!

A lady in Paris told me that at every milonga you will fall in love. Well, I know what she was talking about. Tango wakes up many feelings and somehow makes you face yourself. In a gentle way, it forces you to be true to yourself and to your partner. Or at least it gives you the possibility for that if you want to take it. It's very interesting philosophically and with regard to the nature of being. I feel I grow with tango and, when dancing, I can make sense of myself both mentally and physically.

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