When I was a child I used to spend my time in my room listening the radio and making handicrafts. I made hats, clothes and I created pictures from different materials such as paper, cardboard and leather. That was my own little world.

I love to make collages and installations in public places and at home. Nowadays one of my favorite things is making ice cream portions. To me this is a form of sculpture with all its different tastes, colors and forms. Visualisation is strong part of the creative process. I can't think about being a director or a performer without visualising the performance space.

I have created two installations for the Hämeenlinna children's art festival Hippalot, Iceberg (2009) and Circus Kokko (2008). In 2005, I created a story with pictures about a grandmother and a little boy. Collage pictures in this gallery are photos of that story.

In 2012, I spent some time living in coastal Iceland. Every day I walked along the coast and looked for different materials, plants and things which the sea had brought ashore. At first everything looked so dark and black for me, but when I started to look more closely, I discovered amazing things. Algae was my favorite material. I dried it and I made hats out of it. Somehow the thing with visualisation and also with theatricality in art in general is to see something else, turn things upside-down and to be open to the possibility of seeing things in new ways.